alphabettes Alphabettes Variety Show at Typographics 2017

Alphabettes Live Variety Show is back at the TypeLab at Typographics 2017 in New York on June 15, 2017. Interviews, discussions and a few surprises. For more info: Check out the rest of the TypeLab / Typographics schedule: Hosted by Amy Papaelias with Tânia Raposo, Bianca Berning and Indra Kupferschmid. 2017 Variety Show graphic by Victoria Rushton. NOTE: Ok, I forgot to turn on the microphone at the beginning of the podcast. D'oh! The sound kicks in at around 08:57. Please listen! In this show: * Stephanie Sadre-Orafai Associate Professor of Anthropology discusses her fascinating research on the type and fashion industries * Type Conference Bingo! * Kara Gordon on being a good citizen / designer * Dear Alphabettes Live Q&A: What to do when your new job is not licensing fonts properly? * Roxane Gataud, Life after Bely, when your first release is a hit, what's next? * Dear Alphabettes Live Q&A: Should there be a system for how to credit the people who worked on a typeface? * Rebecca Bartola, How I've been supported by women in type * Ari Remoundakis on working with distributors and other business stuff * Alphabettes Header Competition! 5 min drawing, Bianca is the judge, winner takes all * Wenting Zhang on her project and type on the web * Dear Alphabettes Q&A: When at Typographics, should I not use urinals in a gender-neutral multi-person bathroom? Answer: No one fucking cares, just go to the bathroom * [NOT RECORDED] Lila Symons, Font Designer at Hallmark Cards: Fonts Made By Women *** THANKS FOR LISTENING ***