alphabettes Alphabettes Variety Show at Typographics 2018

Alphabettes Live Variety Show is back at the TypeLab at Typographics 2018 in New York on June 14, 2018. Interviews, discussions and a few surprises. For more info: Check out the rest of the TypeLab and Typographics schedule: In this show: * Introduction from Amy Papaelias and Elizabeth Carey Smith * Happy Birthday, Amy (she shares it with Trump) Birthday Cake Lettering Audience Participation: Ari Remoundakis (of Typekit) accepts the challenge! * Interview with Karolina Lach talking about her ceramics / lettering works. * Interview with Inga Plöennigs - talking about Magnet, Future Fonts, and type conferences. * Check-in with the cake (not done yet!) * Dear Alphabettes Question: ECS: if a EULA were a household object, what would it be? TDC Scholarship Raffle! * Interview with Dyana Weissman, Senior Custom Designer at Type Network, on what to wear at conference and what she does for fun outside of drawing type * The cake is done, let's eat it! * Interview with Naomi Abel, Designer at Pentagram on interviewing with Michael Bierut in Vegas, the impact of the Type@Cooper program on her work as a graphic designer. * Dear Alphabettes Q: How to get involved with Alphabettes? A: * Interview with Stacey Rushton, foodie and type enthusiast (and Victoria's mom!!!) Embury Text (by Victoria) used on her amazing blog, * Bic Vu, exhibition graphic designer from DC, learning about type design, Python, attending Robothon for the first time, and finding the perfect balance of intrigue and intimidation in learning new skills. * History of and introduction to tango dancing with Veronika Burian, it's just like learning DrawBot! * Wrap up, conclusions, and goodbye! Thank you for listening! 2018 Variety Show graphic by Luisa Baeta!