alphabettes Live at Typographics 2016

Listen to Alphabettes Live Variety Show at the TypeLab at Typographics 2016 in New York on June 18, 2016. The live show includes interviews, discussions and a few fun games and surprises. For more info: Hosted by Amy Papaelias and Bianca Berning (who conveniently lost her voice that morning) featuring: * “How do you say...” w/ Indra Kupferschmid * Catherine Schmidt on her new typeface, Yantra * Isabel Urbina Peña on the Alphabettes Mentorship Program * Elizabeth Carey-Smith on preparing her talk for Typographics * Joyce Ketterer (***who is not a lawyer***) talks about EULAs and business side of type * 5 Minute Type Quiz! * Sahar Afshar on design considerations for arabic type design * Crystal Goblet MAD LIBS w/ audience participation * Tamye Riggs on what she’s up to these days * Finale: Amy exposes her messy computer desktop (featuring 5 layers of files) to the live studio audience, much tweeting and public embarrassment occurs *** THANKS FOR LISTENING *** Note: This is the first time we ever produced a live audio show. It’s pretty rough and occasionally silly. The audio quality is a bit all over the place since we had no microphones. Crack open a Modelo and enjoy!