Keezie Episode 19 - Love and Other Drugs

This episode I'm joined by Dairic, Nick and Tara. We start the show off by discussing what's new in the video game world, and I admit my addiction to compulsively buying games on Steam that I have no intention on playing. Games mentioned include Skyrim, GTA, uncharted, and Bioshock The topic moves on to The Walking Dead season 3 finale, which Dairic completely hated. I mention why it wasn't all THAT bad, and then we agree that Merle is still kind of an asshole. I then run through all the shows on TV that I like more than The Walking Dead We spent quite a bit of time asking each other what it means to truly love someone. I boil the meaning of love down to one solitary simplistic action, but we all agree that love is far more complicated than just "a feeling". In the end we make love to one another We touch on what the differences are between "woods" and a "forest", Dairic's girlfriend Adina tells us about K-pop, and we listen to a song called "Ice Cream" (pronounced - ice-uhh cream-uhh, according to our source) The rest of the show is spent going into a deep and meaningful discussion about the effects of psilocybin mushrooms. Dairic being the only person in the room with experience, he enlightens us about their benefits and how important they are to the human experience. He tries his best to put the feeling into words, and we try to understand. Our only option at this point is to try them ourselves! Look forward to that discussion on a future episode