Keezie Episode 20 - A Dollar for 40 Farts

Our guests this week were Richard, Nick, Dairic, Tara, and Shawn. We also welcomed back Chris and Sam for the first time since episode 8! They also brought Sam’s brother Shawn (2 Shawns were present for those counting). Chris and Sam told us all about West Virginia’s obsession with coal, and also told us a great story about how Sam’s step-dad got his ass kicked at Christmas time. Then we watched Chris’ grocery store commercial. We had quite a bit of catching up to do Dairic provided sound effects during the entire show, and my dad bitched about the quality of programming. He proceeded to hate on us for the duration of the show. We also talk about movies we’ve watched, music we’ve listened to, and Dairic and I plan our “trip”. We then go into more drug talk, mainly everyone’s experiences with vaporizers The last 20 minutes of the show consisted of us fucking around, playing sound effects from our sound board apps and laughing. My dad did not approve at all