Keezie Episode 27 - Sense of Right Alliance

We'll keep this one short and sweet, since I'm a week late and don't feel like writing a long synopsis. Guess you'll just have to listen to get all the goodness! I share some funny pictures from a site called Knocking Off. We then go into a long discussion about filibusters, inspired by a recent Texas senator who recently filibustered to prevent a potential abortion ban, leading to more revolution talk Here is the children's nightmares photo set we talk about We dedicate most of the remaining time on this episode discussing Nicholas Megalis, a quite funny Vine user Shawn shows up and we go into the Paula Deen "scandal" and why racism is so ridiculously stupid. This country has become so racially sensitive that being "racially sensitive" has itself become extremely racist The conversation then shifts to beyond nerdy when Nick challenges us to describe our perceptions of infinity. Lots of big words, geeky theories, and math are involved. Tara's mind gets blown several times We end the show with a regular ol' movie discussion. Go see This is the End if you haven't already