Lette's Chat Chatting with Cast n Crew of The Rectory Film

The cast and crew of the independent film, The Rectory, chat about it's creepy history and bizarre past. Based on a TRUE story. Jonathan Chance Writer/Director @CarryOnJohn Calvin Vanderbeek - Producer @GorillaProducer Michele Mulkey - SFX artist @Michele_Mulkey Jason Vail - Actor, Jennison @jayvail2 In 1937, Harry Price held the keys to the most haunted house in England. He returned to face his demons... With his reputation on the line, discredited paranormal investigator Harry Price enlists candidates for a year-long experiment in the most haunted house in England. When bizarre accounts begin to mount and the house takes on a life of it's own, his reputation may not be the only thing he will lose... Join the Indie Go-go campaign here: