NerdCorp That Time Jarrett Got Abducted by SEX - WrestleCorp Review P

On the is weeks show, Chad and Zach talk; #30 (January 29th, 2003) - Zach ain't buying the Raven hype. - David Flair and Mike Sanders are just...ugh. - The Living Legend and AJ Styles were in a master class of booking. - This weeks big surprise is Tony Schiavone..... #31 (February 5th, 2003) - Jeff Jarrett gets abducted for SEX. - Dusty's odd choice of words. - The things Sonny Siaki could of became. - Zach Gowen, a ten minute brawl and more nonsense. Also, Zach is giddy about a recent purchase; find out more! and more!