RAAR Rotterdam Art And Radio #25 - Shimmer

Especially for South Explorer, SHIMMER and RAAR invite you to join ‘Sunday Morning With H/D and Daniela de Paulis’ where, over breakfast, we host a live and online event dedicated to space, sound, and poetics. From the comfort of our breakfast table turned radio desk turned interstellar JazzShip we will travel across the universe with duo H/D who created a playlist mimicking the eight planets of the solar system, and the spaces in between them. Joining us is also Charlois-based artist DANIELA DE PAULIS who regularly works with the poetics of global mobility, and is currently sending brainwaves into space. Daniela will share with us some of her sound pieces as well as audio works that have been influential to her practice such as John Cage’s 4’33 piece. Steering the interstellar ship, with Shimmer as his co-pilots, is JOSHUA THIES with his Rotterdam Art And Radio project RAAR. Shimmer's SUNDAY MORNINGS WITH... is an event-based project that aims to reveal the hidden connections, quiet conversations, and influences ordinarily kept private in the studio. Far from animating and articulating artworks through only talking, the program aims to create an environment where bodies, materials, ideas, and conversations come together, as a place to seed new ideas for both artistic practices and the community that surrounds Shimmer.