Success Native Style commUNITY Talks w/ Shonda Buchanan & Dr. Melissa Violet Leal

Today's show was about historical and current alliances between Black and Native people. We discuss sharing examples of intersectionality in terms of indigenous and Afroindigenous identity and breaking down stereotypes of what does it really mean to be "Native". We discuss the importance of understanding shared histories and historical alliances between black and native people in the US. The questions we touched on included: How can we use common histories to heal past and current wounds/divides? What are some main history making moments in black/native solidarity? How can we create and maintain positive dialogues to create relationships of respect, solidarity, and trust across racial difference? Guests Dr. Melissa Leal holds a Ph.D. in Native American studies from UC Davis, is the Lead Researcher and Advisory Board Coordinator for Rebel Music: Native America, an MTV World documentary; she teaches culture, language, and dance for various tribal communities in Northern California. She is a poet, dancer, and artist advocate. She is the Executive Director of Education for the Wilton Rancheria Tribe of Miwok Indians and Outreach Manager for Trinidadian Artist/Producer EchoSlim. Shonda Buchanan is a Poet, memoirist, and fiction writer Shonda Buchanan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Hampton University teaching creative writing, composition, essay writing, editing, and research. Author of Who’s Afraid of Black Indians? Shonda is a culture and literary arts ambassador, her presentations, workshops and lectures demonstrate her passion for exploring gender, ethnicity, family, heritage, landscape, environment and ancestry.