The Galleries at Moore THE CONVO: Catherine Pancake

Matt Kalasky speaks with Catherine Pancake about her new project "Queer Genius" "Queer Genius" is a cinematic exploration of four visionary queer artists breaking down barriers in their creative fields as they confront fame, failure, censorship, family, gender, and sexuality. The film embraces the communal possibilities of "genius" from a particularly queer perspective crossing genre and generational perspective. The film features intertwined portratis of Eileen Myles, Barbara Hammer, Jibz Cameron, and Shannon Funchess. Catherine Pancake is an award-winning visual and sound artist currently living in Philadelphia. She is a member of the Vox Populi Gallery and directs/curates the Black Oak House Gallery in West Philadelphia. Pancake is an Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Arts Program at Temple University. Kickstarter: Website: