The Sunday Scene | Performance Art Podcast live from Veem #2. With main guest Tine van Aerschot.

The Sunday Scene #2 With - Host: Noha Ramadan Guest: Tine van Aerschot Postcard: Ola Maciejewska News: Marijn Lems Weather: Robbert van Heuven Soup: Julian Hetzel After a pleasurable first pilot edition, this last month of the year The Sunday Scene will take place right in the "break" between Batard festival Brussels (3-5 dec, Beursschouwburg) and Amsterdam (9-12 dec, Veem). On Sunday December sixth, before the 'caravan' with artists and audience is arriving, we already bring along that Brussel-Amsterdam connection; theatre maker, writer, and graphic designer Tine Van Aerschot, to join Noha at the table for an indepth interview. Tine Van Aerschot (1961) educated as visual artist, worked among others with Meg Stuart and made her debute with her own writing and performance in 2006; "I have no thoughts, and this is one of them", followed by "Triple Trooper Tevor Trumpet girl" (2009), "we are not afraid of the dark"(2012) and recently she premiered "When in doubt, duck" (2015). Several off her plays where published by DENIEUWETONEELBIBLIOTHEEK. An audio-postcard will arrive from Paris this time, carrying the voice of Ola Maciejewska. Ola, born in Poland studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, and now works internationally and lives in Paris where she premiered her new work BOMBYX MORI at Menagerie de Verre just last week, coproduced by Veem House for Performance and Productiehuis Rotterdam. News comes from Marijn Lems, departing curator of Brakke Grond, and the update on the political weather is brought to us again by theatre-critic and weatherman Robbert van Heuven.