wwwbigjafnet Transmissions from the Psychedelic Basement 15.8.15

Featuring Geoff Leppard and Thee Psychedelicatessen VIBRACATHERDRAL ORCHESTRA - Es Inaceptable Para Mi GONJASUFI - Kobwebz CLOUDLAND CANYON - Krautwerk HELLSTORM - Cry of the Newborn ULTIMATE SPINACH - (Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess TRAFFIC - Freedom Rider AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS - The Emptiness of Nothingness WHITE NOISE SOUND - (In Both) Dreams and Ecstasies CAUSA SUI - Mirelle BLITZEN TRAPPER - Stolen Shoes & a Rifle CHATHAM RISE - Autopilot, WHITE GLOW - Unreachable Hopes, JETMAN JET TEAM - Rainbow Party, WHITE NOISE SOUND - There Is No Tomorrow, THE LUCID DREAM - Heading For The Waves, THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL - A Very Large Array, BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS - Radioactivity, THE BESNARD LAKES - 46 Satires, GRAND RAPIDS - Great Shakes, THE DALAI LAMA RAMA FA FA FA - You Make Me Crazy, SAND PEBBLES - A Thousand Flowers, WHITE MANNA - E Shara, VERMA - Sacrifice, COSMIC LETDOWN - Venera 6, THE ASTEROID #4 - Rukma Vimana, PRETTY LIGHTNING - A Gift From A Bone To A Bell, SUN DIAL - North Eastern, GRAND RAPIDS - Blow Up, THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - Anenome, HOPE SANDOVAL AND THE WARM INTENTIONS - Golden Hair, ELEPHANT STONE - Between The Lines, PLASTIC MAN - North Polar Land, THE VICKERS - Love You To.