THIS WEEK ON A BOOMER HOME COMPANION What happens when your Doctor Retires? In the War Room, the U.S President (Peter Sellers) is making a phone call to the U.S.S.R President. From Dr. Strangelove 1964. Fast forward to Trump calling Putin There's no way that this act could be done today. Our politically correct society would scream "racism." The truth is that Frank, Dean and Sammy loved each other as brothers in the truest sense of the word. Frank and Dean refused to perform at any casino that refused Sammy a room. Sammy never complained back then and just performed. But then again this was a different time and Sammy, Dean and Frank had class, character and were real men. JOHNNY CARSON hosts this rare live show with the Rat Pack. It's vintage COOL! Mel Tormé - Don't Get Around Much Anymore [outtake] (The Judy Garland Show) with June Allyson From the old time radio vault: Fibber Magee and Molly look for Maple Syrup in the 1940's and Canada's own The Happy Gang from 1950 Vintage Jack Webb with "Just The Facts Maam" And then there is Kelly Ann Conway being interviewed on her version of "alternate facts" A tribute to Mary Tyler Moore Bill Mahr on Donald Trump