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Opening tonight with Brian Gari's wonderful harmony laden 'Betas Song', some vintage Byrds and then loads more great music coming your way including 5 tracks from The Vapour Trails fantastic album and our Album of the Week, 'See You In The Next World'! Honoured to be able to play a brand new track from Dolph Chaney's upcoming album 'Rebuilding Permit'! Plus the brand new single from Popdudes! And if you like a jingle in your jangle then this is the show for you, with tracks from the Twelve String High compilations, Vol. 1, 2 and 3! Some of the artists included are Athanor, The Armoires, The Junipers, The Sensitive Drunks, Rob Martinez, Ronnie D'Addario, Anton Barbeau, Smile Factory, Richard Snow Hattersley, Bennett Wilson Poole, Lannie Flowers and more! And to end the show some great music from The Weeklings, The Fisherman and Soul, Rob Clarke, The Crushing Violets, and Sean Hutton!