Bass Beats & Bleeps #11 w/WestHamDave (Benny OMC Loves The Acid Guest Mix)

WestHamDave live in the mix with Bass Beats & Bleeps #11 from 8pm GMT. For the 1st show of March I'm going to be hitting the bleeps and I'm super stoked to have a a serious hours worth provided for me by the legend that is Benny OMC with a killer guest mix, served up just for you lucky people on CCR, We've been fortunate enough to get to know Benny over the years though our time with NSB radio, absolutely top geezer and seriously talented DJ, I used to bag our Irreverence posters off him amongst other things. Chez & Myself have both had mixes up on the awesome Old Man Corner over the years, if you haven't paid it a visit, now's the time: https://www.oldmancorner.co.uk/ My advice, check out this mix and you'll see exactly why I asked Benny to do a mix for Cutters Choice Radio and Bass Beats & Bleeps particularly https://www.oldmancorner.co.uk/omc-mix/omc-loves-acid/ As always, the chatroom will be doing its thing, CCR crew putting the world to rights and discussing the finer points of the evenings entertainment, come and get involved. Fancy rewinding a previous show or checking out a mix: https://soundcloud.com/westhamdave89 https://www.mixcloud.com/WestHamDave89/ Home: https://www.cutterschoiceradio.com/ Hope to see you in the chatroom...