Can Social Media Help Us Explain Different Political Events?

In this talk, we explore how we can mine and analyze people's social media postings in different platforms to get a better sense of people's reactions to different political events. Case studies include: (1) How Facebook Engagement Data Explains BREXIT and the 2016 Presidential Elections; (2) Using Twitter Data to Understand People's Sentiments to Different Terrorist Attacks; and (3) Can Political Candidates' Social Media Activity Help Us Understand Their Popularity and Relevance of their Ideas. Carlos L. Yordan is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Drew University, where he also directs their Semester on the United Nations program. He completed his Ph.D. in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and has held teaching and visiting research positions at: the University of Maine, Hamilton College, Cornell University's Peace Studies Program, the University of Alabama Birmingham and Rutgers-Newark's Division of Global Affairs. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library