GUTS: A Live Radio Play

“You worked in threes. two gutted and one packed. Every girl that gutted had a gut tub…she flung her guts into it.” Annie Watt, Herring Worker This Live Radio Play uses the testimony of fish workers past and present to delve into world fish work now and the future. Up to 10,000 Herring Workers/ Fesh Quines /Herring Lassies/ Gutters travelled the Herring ports of the east coast, from the Shetlands and the Highlands all the way to East Anglia, gutting 60 fish a minute. These self organised women crews Struck on issues of pay and conditions – and won. What can we learn from these legendary workers? As part of Camden People's Theatre's Shape of Things to Come Night. Join us for 30 minute radio play recorded in front of a live audience at Camden Peoples Theatre! Presented by Emer Morris and Fish Workers. In collaboration with Hannah Stephens, Polly Letitia Joy Rowley-Sams, Milla Harding and Bidi Iredale, Annabel Fox and Carly Jane Hutchison. This is a work in progress. Stage Production to be developed in 2022. Please share your feedback! This is so vital for us and the future development. You can use the form here - Its anonymous!  https://forms.gle/Dti3KnKWFsUn3tah9 or email: followingthefishworkers@gmail.com. Also available on Followingthefishworkers.com. *** Supported by Arts Council England ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ Grant Credit to the fish workers, and thanks to all the people who have shared their experience, stories, knowledge and time with us on this journey. To name a few: Fisherman George Carter, Anne Coombes, Jacquie at Timespan, Margaret Richie, Ian Leith and Wick Heritage, Joan and Nairn Museum, Anji and Paul in Lossiemouth, Gail and Norman in Buckie, Angela in North Shields, Deb in Whitby, Ray and Jerry in Hull, Nathan, Keith, Lee in Grimsby and many many more. Find out more: followingthefishworkers.com emermarymorris.com