Jami Deva


2 hour LIVE stream virtual Dance event every week from our home/studio in Hawaii. Please connect on Tuesdays for a soul adventure that invites you to completely let go and allow yourself to be danced - immersed fully in the Movement Church experience. Discover YOUR dance, the one that resides in your heart and yearns to be expressed in all its true roaring potency... Venmo or Paypal https://paypal.me/jamideva https://venmo.com/Devaproject Your generosity is appreciated! Timing PST: 6:45 - 7pm - Everyone Settled / Technology Managed 7pm - 7:30pm - Opening Warm Up & Intention Setting 7:30pm - 8:45pm - Ecstatic Dance 8:45pm - 9pm - Closing Circle / Meditation / Shareback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We Shine when we dance! There is an energy that only dance can create. Some suggestions to have a super potent dance: 1. Set up an altar, light a candle 2. set an intention - dance your prayers 3. surrender to the music - let it move you in new ways 4. breathe with intention - experiment with rising & falling in intensity, breath hold & release, alter the speed, etc. 5. pay homage to the directions as if you are dancing on sacred ground within a medicine wheel - east, south, west, north - Father Sky above, Mother Earth below, Center/within - work with the magic of these energies flowing into and through you. 6. Be aware of receiving & cultivating your own life energy, contrasted by then shining energy out through your dance - the Yin & Yang of your movements. Let this ebb & flow cleanse you. Fill Up and then Shine Out! 7. Work with the vertical energetic plane contrasting with the horizontal energetic plane. 8. oscillate between inner & outer realities. 9. keep moving and experiment with moving in new ways - shaking, slow-mo, cathartic, on the floor, staccato, chaos, Qigong, gesture magic, prayer postures, mudra...