Other Ways to Care RadioCare for Antiuniversity 2020

With love, thanks and solidarity to: + Community Action to Inspire Hope in Durham & NSUN (National Survivor User Network) https://www.nsun.org.uk/ NSUN twitter: @NSUNnews + Ellie Bradford instagram: lunaa__tic + La Rara Troupe https://raraweb.org/ + Cláudia Palma https://soundcloud.com/userbabes/tracks + Radio Fragola https://www.radiofragola.com/ twitter: @RadioFragola + Pablo Antonio Diaz Diaz + Surviving Work https://survivingwork.org/ twitter: @SurvivingWk + Asylum Magazine https://asylummagazine.org/ twitter: @AsylumMagUK + Orgullo Loco Madrid twitter: @OrgulloLocoMad + Sascha Altman DuBrul https://www.mapstotheotherside.net/ + RE:CREATE Psychiatry https://recreatepsychiatry.com/ twitter: @RecreatingPsych + MadCovid https://madcovid.wordpress.com/ twitter: @MadCovid instagram: madcovid + Elaine Tam + MiC's Voices Unlocked https://voicesunlocked.com/ twitter: @MiCPrisons + Adrienne Maree Brown (shared by major amb fangurl C.Calista Wong) Video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_lsZsWBQM_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Text/o: http://adriennemareebrown.net/2020/04/29/care-for-yourself-and-everything-else-transmission/ + All those who choose anonymity http://copyriot.com/boden/