Proto Hustle


Catch Zaren live this Wednesday at 4pm CET! Expect an eclectic mix of tunes, from Afrobeats to Techno. https://www.facebook.com/djzaren A relative latecomer to the DJ scene and heavily influenced by DJs such as Hunee, Red Rack'em, Gene Siewing and the Hold Tight crew, Zaren's sets are rarely downtempo, somewhat eclectic, yet always aimed squarely at those with Disco souls. 2015 saw the launch of the regular “An Evening of Disco” nights in Berlin with Proto Hustle co-founder, Blake Sabbath,. That year saw the founding of the Proto Hustle moniker, through which Zaren, alongside Blake Sabbath and WOCI Music, aims to build a regular, multi-genre / disco centric music night and regular radio show. As a way to further the Disco scene in Berlin, Zaren also founded Disco Spektrum in 2017, alongside DJs Brennero, First Touch and Evergrace. Disco Spektrum brings together like-minded disco heads once a month at it's Disco Spektrum Open Decks & Club Night at Crack Bellmer in Berlin.