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Don't Eat the Goldleaf - radiopoems

“Don’t Eat the Goldleaf” (or do, it’s not up to me, it’s all you) is a radio poetry show where you can listen to some groovy old tunes and write along in real time. Hosted by JM, this interactive radio poetry workshop will be full of weird tunes and pips of ideas to, hopefully, plant listeners with seeds to turn into their own art at home. Perfect for those missing creative workshops and for phone call doodlers that like to keep their hands moving. Accessible to everyone, with invitation to anyone interested in writing and making at any level. Send any ideas/thoughts/work to be read on subsequent shows to JM via radiopoems@gmail.com Tune in, Jazz June, Write on. THIS EPISODE - 'The Others' Humdrum' will consider observational poetry and slowing down time/thinking in lines.