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This Land is your Land - Food Sovereignty

A talk show Food Sovereignty. This week, 4th August, we hear from; Jean Blaylock at Global Justice Now about trade deals and why they are bad for Food Sovereignty. Hedley Wells, a Star and Shadow café volunteer, a Byker Wall resident and now working with Byker Mutual Aid group. This is the last episode!. There will be another series later in the year. What is food sovereignty? Food sovereignty allows communities control over the way food is produced, traded and consumed, rather than make large profits for multinational corporations and supermarkets. Each week we will speak to people who campaign for food sovereignty. And to producers and growers in Newcastle Upon Tyne who are producing and selling fresh, healthy food that we can trust. https://youtu.be/qQcXyDfRTvI LISTEN BACK TO THE PREVIOUS 6 EPISODES HERE: EPISODE 1 Toxic Trade Deal Mutual Aid groups in Newcastle's West End https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-land-food-sovereignty-toxic-trade-deals-mutual-aid-in-newcastles-west-end EPISODE 2 Agribusiness Negative Effects Food Waste with Magic Hat Cafe https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-land-agribusiness-negative-effects-food-waste-with-magic-hat-cafe EPISODE 3 Rebecca Laughton from The Land Workers Alliance, Horticultural Campaigner. https://landworkersalliance.org.uk/ Valerie Middleton Shieldfield Resident, growing veg. https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-landrebecca-laughton-shieldfield-resident-valerie-about-veg-wheat EPISODE 4 Three Local Organic Farms. (who are Community Supported Agriculture CSA's and Co -op structures) Wilf Abundant Earth, Durham. Mick Gibside Community Farm, Gateshead. Phil North East Organic Growers, Bedlington. https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-land-three-organic-farmers-trade-bill-expalined EPISODE 5 Local Producers of WHEAT BREAD FLOUR. Quality, nutritious wheat and bread and the labour that goes in. It starts with good soil !!! 1. Gilchesters Organic Cereal Farm, 2. Andy from BigRiver Bakery in Shieldfield, 3. Shynara from FAB Bakery in Fenham. https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-land-wheat-flour-bread Episode 6 All about co-operatives. Alex Lawrie, an independent co-operative consultant, will explain where the Co-op shop fits into the Co-operative movement, and gives some helpful advice on setting up a co-op. https://www.somerset.coop/ Babs, from Green City Wholefoods in Glasgow talks about the challenges of being an ethical wholesaler and why being a co-op is so important. https://www.greencity.coop/ https://mixlr.com/star-shadow-radio/showreel/this-land-is-your-land-co-operatives-greencity-wholefoods-alex-lawrie