Star & Shadow Radio

Tyneside Sounds Society : Dawn Chorus BroadcastAthon

International Dawn Chorus Day this year was on Sunday 3 May . The Tyneside Sounds Society invited people living in Tyneside and the North East of England to record the dawn chorus between 3am and 6am as part of a very special regional RecordAthon. Over 30 people took part, recording on phones, fancy bits of kit and also simple digital recording devices and microphones. People submitted over 13 hours of recordings; some long, some short - all fantastic! So what better way to present them then have an uninterrupted dusk till dawn BroadcastAthon on the amazing Star & Shadow Radio. Broadcast starts this Saturday 10pm and will finish around 11am the next day. A huge thank you to everyone that took the time and effort to make and send recordings. If you can’t stay up all night to listen to it you’ll be able to listen again via the Star & Shadow Radio Showreel.