*The inaugural episode full of killer punk rock and technical difficulties.* BAD RELIGION - Fuck Armageddon...This is Hell MISFITS - Green Hell BAD BRAINS- Attitude MINOR THREAT - Betray BLACK FLAG - Police Story THE DAMNED - Neat Neat Neat RAMONES - Pet Cemetary DESCENDENTS - Suburban Home REFUSED - Liberation Frequency PROPAGANDHI- Without Love GOOD RIDDANCE - Nobody Likes a Cynic AFI - Coin Return PATTI SMITH - Pissing In a River THE DISTILLERS - Hall of Mirrors FUGAZI - Give Me The Cure GOB - Asshole TV LAGWAGON - Dis'chords ALKALINE - Time To Waste DESAPARECIDOS - Ralphy's Cut RADIOACTIVITY - When I'm Gone AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - AM/PM BAPTISTS - In Droves TRASH TALK - Awake SNAPCASE - Breaking and Reaching INTEGRITY - Abraxas Annihilation STRAIN - Torn Away FROM ASHES RISE - The Final Goodbye HIS HER IS GONE - Like Weeds TRAGEDY - The Lure BOTCH - C. Thomas Howell as "The Soul Man" CONVERGE - Bitter and Then Some ENTOMBED - Wolverine Blues THE HOPE CONSPIRACY - Deadtown Nothing TURMOIL - The Discipline of Self Loathing OLD MAN GLOOM - Hot Salvation MUTOID MAN - Bandages