Opening Track: THE JAM - The Batman Theme BAD RELIGION - Chaos from Within PUP - Free At Last DAG NASTY - What Now MISFITS - London Dungeon DESCENDENTS - Parents BRACKET - 2RAK005 VIOLENT SOHO - How To Taste BIRDS IN ROW - Triste Sire A.F.I. - Death Of Seasons **Request / Dedication Block** BAD RELIGION - Delirium Of Disorder for Cory SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Love In A Void for Allison, Pablo and Lucas GANG OF FOUR - Natural’s Not In It for Brian D.O.A. - The Cops Shot A Kid for Brian GERMS - No God for Jeff EARTH CRISIS - Firestorm for Sean PENNYWISE - Homesick - for Mike **GIRL POWER BLOCK** OUTRIGHT - Troubled FAIM - It Follows EXIT ORDER - Dead Ringer BOTCH - To Our Friends In The Great White North SNAPCASE - Zombie Prescription CURSED - The Void THE SUICIDE FILE - Twilight **BLACK METAL BLOCK** DEAFHEAVEN - Black Brick NUMENOREAN - Coma BURNT BY THE SUN - Spinner Dunn TRASH TALK - Awake CONVERGE - Reptilian