STRANGER RADIO PUNK is DAD - Ep.84 - All 80's Punk&Hardcore Edition

BAD RELIGION - Do What You Want MISFITS - Green Hell DEAD KENNEDYS - Forward To Death DAG NASTY - Can I Say BAD BRAINS - Sailin’ On JERRY’S KIDS - Build Me A Bomb MARGINAL MAN - Friend DESCENDENTS - Cheer T.S.O.L. - Code Blue NEGATIVE APPROACH - Dead Stop DOUGHBOYS - Tradition S.O.A. - Draw Blank GANG GREEN - Skate To Hell ADOLESCENTS - Kids Of The Black Hole YOUTH OF TODAY - Make A Change BLACK FLAG - My War NEUROSIS - Training JFA - Out Of School POISON IDEA - Pure Hate RKL - Scab On The Brain SLAYER - Epidemic HÜSKER DÜ - Something I Learned Today MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge THE REPLACEMENTS - Takin A Ride THE FAITH - What’s Wrong With Me? VOID - Who Are You? CIRCLE JERKS - World Up My Ass 7 SECONDS - Young ‘Til I Die DISCHARGE - The Nightmare Continues SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Possessed To Skate GORILLA BISCUITS - High Hopes AGENT ORANGE - Too Young To Die SCREAM - Came Without Warning UNIFORM CHOICE - Use Your Head D.O.A. - D.O.A. XO