The Galleries at Moore Moore on Artists: Maria Dumlao

From The Galleries at Moore Radio (TGMR) at Moore College of Art & Design, Moore On Artists looks deeper into the art and ideas shaping today’s exhibition landscape through the perspective of the artist (and the curator). This 7-episode, student-led interview series is curated and produced by 20 students in Moore’s Fall 2018 Exhibitionism course led by Dr. Li Sumpter. Inspired by Making Space: Leeway @ 25 currently on view, student hosts amplify the voices of women and trans artists featured in this multidisciplinary exhibition representing over 200 Philadelphia-based Leeway awardees. Interviews focus on works on display in the galleries while also exploring the ways these artists engage community and create change in Philly and beyond. This interview features artist Maria Dumlao interviewed by Moore students Kaitlyn Newman, Vivienne Maestrado and Kimberly Ismael