The Galleries at Moore The Convo: Rasheedah Phillips and Community Futures Lab

Rasheedah Phillips one of the organizers of the Community Futures Lab project in North Philadelphia speaks with Matt Kalasky “Community Futurisms: Time & Memory in North Philly” is a social practice, collaborative art, and ethnographic research project exploring oral histories, memories, alternative temporalities, and futures within the North Philadelphia neighborhood known as Sharswood/Blumberg. The area is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project after years of deep poverty, educational inequality, and high crime. “Community Futurisms” will document the redevelopment of Sharswood/Blumberg, through an multidisciplinary community art project that explores the intersections of futurism, literature, visual remixing, sound, and activism as art. Facebook Page: Community Futures Lab in Hyperallergic: