THE KILL show THE KILL show 5-29-21

THE KILL show 5-29-21 3:31- Show overview and convo 11:02- Getting things officially started song- Bone Crew "Stack It Up" 14:00- Fake fesitival commercials- Obscure-fest, Summer Sizzler-fest, Bible Burning Blasphemy-fest 21:55- We found a glitch in cell phones and "Jinx" game 26:50- Song- Mastamind "Bon Appetit" 33:16- Mastamind Interview 48:50- Song- Mastamind "Meltcha Face" 53:51- Clip- SNL Weekend Update, Joke Swap 59:20- Papa's Pepper Commercial 1:01:42- Song- Atreyu "Catastrophy" 1:03:20- Oh It's Timo segment- Tim shuts down hecklers at movie theater, Tiger shark solves murder in Australia, Breathing through the butthole, Chernobyl hot spot is firing up, Tim's song- Tim Timebomb and friends "She's drunk all the time" 1:24:58- Call to mother of the wonder twins 1:35:22- Song- Andrew WK "I'm In Heaven" 1:38:31- Shittiest Song Of The Week- BTS "Butter", Migos "Straigtenin", Machine Gun Kelly with Kellin Quinn "Love Race" 1:49:13- Song- Dead Crown with IamJakeHill "Coming Up" 1:53:19- Never Have I Ever game 2:00:36- TV Talk- Fuck the "Friends Reunion", Teen Mom 2, Army Of The Dead, Black Summer 2, The Conjuring 3 2:12:54- Meme gets shared 458 times from Ken's FB page 2:19:09- Out Song- Twizted "By Myself"