Jen Senko Documents The Deprogramming Of Her Dad

Episode Fourteen: Writer and Filmmaker Jen Senko Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves This week we talk with the writer and producer of the eye opening documentary "The Brainwashing Of My Dad" about her ground breaking film, how Fox News purposely enrages it's viewers, and her journey to bring her once kindhearted dad back to the person he use to be. So join Saucey, Fern and Jen for all the Verbal Conditioning we can Shamelessly Beam in your Indoctrinated Little EarHoles. Want to learn more about Jen's amazing journey and what you can do if someone you love has been overtaken by partisan hate? Quick go visit---> http://www.thebrainwashingofmydad.com