Alka 'Regarding The Auguries' Album Showcase

SHOWTIME & SHOWCASE ALKA – REGARDING THE AUGURIES DJ Steve Brown will be with us to present his November edition of the Sonic Landscapes radio show, along with a mix by Bryan Michael (Bryan Alka) from the band Alka. Steve will be interviewing & covering their newest album **Regarding the Auguries**. Bryan's mix delves into the world of Japanese electronic music and having heard it, you are in for a treat. Join our Mixlr chat-room to meet & converse with Bryan Michael Todd Steponick & Erika Tele from Alka. Album released 9th October on Vince Clarke’s VeryRecords https://veryrecords.com/portfo...g-the-auguries/ ‘Regarding The Auguries’ is the portentously-titled fourth album from Philadelphia electronic unit Alka. It is an album that reflects back our myriad concerns about the world; a teeming, restless work surveying global civil unrest, freak earthly phenomena and a sense that order is slowly being dismantled around us. Although it was recorded long before lockdown, its grim outlook makes it a fitting release during the grip of an existential crisis that has impacted us all. After being a solo project of Bryan Michael since the early 2000s, for ‘Regarding The Auguries’ Alka is re-imagined as a unit of Bryan Michael, visual artist Erika Tele and fellow Philadelphia electronic musician Todd Steponick, a line-up familiar from their recent, pre-lockdown shows.