Livestream Day

Saturday 21 from the Studio Ft. Dan Conway (UK), Roel Funcken (US), Heft (MM), Ruxpin (IS), Bistroboy (US-FL) RIP DJ Steve Brown - The show is dedicated to you who was supposed to be with us in the studio. & from The Peach, from 4PM to 10PM Meet your music selectors (timetable TBA): DJ Set with Meaux & Mike Griffin https://soundcloud.com/meaux-andromeda/tracks https://soundcloud.com/energyno13 Live performance with Locad https://locad.bandcamp.com/ Live performance with Chairweiner https://chairweiner.bandcamp.com Live performance with Mei * https://closetomei.bandcamp.com DJ Set with Medley (closing) https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/medleytwitch-051620 Experience live music, local vendors at The Peach and food at Troy’s Barbeque Event ECU full day, World, https://www.facebook.com/events/572325707498429 Event live in West Palm Beach city, South Florida https://www.facebook.com/events/8170053443008667 #Vendors #LiveMusic #Showcase #Artwork #Nightlife #ThePeach #Seashore Thank You for the support https://linktr.ee/ecunderground