moiCflo present Odalie

Odalie is the moniker of Sophie Griffon (Modular synths). She is a French theater, digital arts & dance composer, with her project she often plays with the cellist Paolo Rezze. Friday 12, we will enjoy a special Studio Mix Recording by Odalie. I have also guested nanopix to surround the show with me on a B2B set dedicated to Odalie univers. Let's discover the World Merging Neo-classical work from Odalie Odalie have a style which leans towards tones of ambient, drone, and experimental. The force and emotion behind the band’s sound however, comes from the infusion of deeply moving cello performance which permeates their work. Full English review, https://www.adsrcollective.com/latest-news-blog/2020/11/6/world-merging-neo-classical-work-from-odalie Follow Odalie on social media https://linktr.ee/odalie