On air with HEFT

HEFT is radiohost on wECU since Sept 2020, also part of moiCflo catalog! Let's also showcase on Wednesday... . 4 Hours Show designed to encourage musical creativity, critical thinking and collaboration around the world . 2 Hours Podcast by Heft & 2 Hours monthly featuring playlist by moiCflo . HEFT make cinematic composition ambient music with the elements of techno, breakbeat and post rock. . Get to know: https://moicflo.com/people/heft Please follow his bandcamp for mailing list, https://heftambient.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/heft_/ https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/sets/heft-setlist . ECU channel https://mixlr.com/wecu Spread the word, follow our channel & listen again https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/sets/wecu-radioshows