Let's Celebrate Piano Day Together Music can orchestrate a piece of life or simply a state of mind. It develops empathy or writing a story. EC Underground, is hosting on March 29, Piano Day edition #5, the 2nd broadcasted. With support of the following artists who dedicated time and effort to create “music-dialogues“ to celebrate together this wonderful instrument and its heroes! We are delighted to present our timetable: 1.30 PM - Opening by moiCflo & After the Pulse Start sets 2.00 PM - Geraldine Kwik Music & Walking Man, live set recording from "Piano Day 2019 in Berlin, Silent Green" mastered by After The Pulse 3.00 PM - Feryne, Secret DJ Set 4.00 PM - Selecta assembled by Marie Awadis and mixed by moiCflo with an exclusive live performance extract ! 5.00 PM - Nebel lang & Lorenz Weber presents a studio mix recording with a track premiere to be revealed soon! 6.00 PM - Mihail Tunaru offers a 3 hours exclusive mixtape Closing That's right, there's a day all about the history and love for pianos: https://www.moicflo.com/what-s-on/pianoday Here is our event & artists Electric Soul https://electricsoul.com/events/piano-day-2021-edition-5-03292021 FB https://www.facebook.com/events/449717826365873 RA https://ra.co/events/1438502 Bandsintown https://www.bandsintown.com/e/102503211 Piano Day, an annual worldwide event which takes place on the 88th day of the year - this year that’s on the 29th of March - because this is the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. Listen back to our last year Piano Day playlist of exclusive tracks https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/sets/hello-world-piano-day-2020 & a mix have been recorded later with the playlist https://soundcloud.com/moicflo/moicflo-present-winter