TRIBUTE to DJ Steve Brown & Sonic Landscapes

A full day created and built by his music friends and favorite artists. Show starts 8AM MIAMI = 2PM PARIS = 6:30PM DELHI = 10PM SYDNEY with Mixes from Will Humphreys aka Makirikur and Nanopix 11AM MIAMI = 4PM LONDON = 10:30PM MYANMAR Our host Heft presents a 2 hours special tribute 1PM MIAMI = 6PM LONDON = 10:30PM NEW DELHI We received mixes from Hyboid, Mrs. Jynx, Plant 43, Ambidextrous, ADJ, ... We would like to welcome anyone who wants to participate in our next shows happening May 21 and Jun 18 with 1 hour mix. We will also communicate about a special various artists compilation and release to happen this summer, on Steve's birthday, July 20, 2022. Stay in touch with EC Underground https://www.facebook.com/ecunderground/ Wishing to everyone peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow. Mike Griffin & Florence Meuleman, the team Meaux Andromeda, Anne Jackson, Heft and all the guests...