Performance Art and Sound Event Celebrating 5 Years of RAAR ________________________________ •Saturday 25 September• 14:00 RAAR Podcast 15:00 De Tapijttegels 16:00 Ana Brumat (fingers crossed) 17:00 Ege Sahin 18:00 Dan Tuomey 19:00 Ryan Cherewaty 20:00 Geier aus Stahl LIVE •Sunday 26 September• 14:00 RAAR Podcast 15:00 Mint Park aka BAKÁH (DJ set) 16:00 Matthias Hurtl 17:00 Blondewednesday DJ ________________________________ Here are all the links you need: https://www.grootrotterdamsatelierweekend.nl/.../het.../ https://joshuathies.blogspot.com/ https://mixlr.com/raar/showreel/ https://worm.org/projects/radio-worm/ https://www.instagram.com/rotterdam.art.and.radio/ Het Wilde Weten open studios during GRAW (Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend) RAAR is a sound art event that takes place in various locations in Rotterdam including Het Wilde Weten, WORM Radio Studio and soon in An Art Center in Oude Charlois. We set up temporary radio transmissions and invite artists to perform their work live for an audience and archive their work online. The project takes the form of 10 podcasts plus 2 days of live performance at Het Wilde Weten during GRAW, 25/26 September. RAAR has been established for over 4 years as a Wolphaertstraat-based artist initiative, run by Joshua Thies and a rotating team of co-hosts, creators and producers. RAAR is a self-sustaining, self-funded, live-streaming podcast about artists who work with sound in Rotterdam and beyond. RAAR covers a niche in Rotterdam that no other initiative focuses on, namely “audible artworks.” RAAR goes to various locations and events, covering artistic activities and collaborating with hundreds of artists to create live performances of artworks in the medium of sound. Content of the live streams also includes discussion about current art topics and debate about current issues in art and art communities. After these 5 years of nomadic activity RAAR intends to expand its concept to also be a permanent workspace to share with artists in need of a quiet recording