STRANGER RADIO PUNK is DAD - Ep.52 - Revelation Records

SNFU - Fate R.I.P. Mr. Chi Pig WARZONE - War Between Races SICK OF IT ALL - It’s Clobberin’ Time / Bull Shit Justice BOLD - Nailed To The X SIDE BY SIDE - Backfire CHAIN OF STRENGTH - True Till Death GORILLA BISCUITS - New Direction JUDGE - Bringin' It Down SHELTER - Society Based on Bodies QUICKSAND - Omission INSIDE OUT - By a Thread YOUTH OF TODAY - Modern Love Story BURN - Shall be Judged INTO ANOTHER- Poison Fingers ICEBURN - Iron - Fuse / Iron - Still SENSE FIELD - Outlive The Man / Building TEXAS IS THE REASON - Back And To The Left BETTER THAN A THOUSAND - Live Today GOOD RIDDANCE - Class War 2000 IGNITE - Embrace WILL HAVEN - I’ve Seen My Fate SHADES APART - Seeing Things KISS IT GOODBYE - Helvetica SPEAK 714 - Unheard Truths FARSIDE - Better Than Crying ELLIOTT - Calm Americans DAG NASTY - Ghosts DROWNINGMAN - Black-Tie Knife-Fight THE NERVE AGENTS - Fall Of The All American BY A THREAD - Between The Takes VIOLENT REACTION - Leave Me Out TORSO - Repulsion CONSTANT ELEVATION - I Love You And I Never want You To Die / Krs Two xo